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VENOSAN® 4000 Compression class II Wrist to Axilla
Material: 71% Tactel® Polyamide & 29% Elastane
Soft, Cool & comfortable to wear
Wrist to axilla
• 4 Standard sizes
• Post mastectomy prevention of swelling
• Burns patients.
• Pain relief for patients in Oncology
• Recommended for patients travelling following relevant surgery.
• Repetitive work and lifting
• Mild swelling

With or without silicon band finish at axilla

VENOSAN® 7000 Standard & Custom made
Material (CCL. II, III) 62% Tactel® Polyamide 26% Elastane 8% Cotton 4% SeaCell® active
SeaCell active – skin friendly fibres to enhance skin condition
Silver ions – antibacterial & antifungal
Cotton – adds to stiffness & comfort
Algae has an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves itching • The minerals contained in the
algae replenish mineral levels in the skin.
Standard garments compression classes II, III
Suitable for Lymphoedema and severe swelling
• Antifungal & Antibacterial
• Skin friendly fibres to enhance skin condition
• BH without hand - wrist to shoulder
• ZH with hand piece no thumb
Made to measure available with or without shoulder strap
• Silicon band at axilla
• ZHT Hand piece with thumb

VENOSAN® 2000 light compression - very reasonably priced
• Gauntlet / ¼ fingers and ¾ fingers
• Suitable for mild lymphoedema
• Prevention, burns and hand injuries (scaring)

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