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Who needs a compression garment?

  • People who walk or stand for prolonged periods, at work or in their daily life
  • People sitting for prolonged periods – e.g. at a computer, on a flight or long-distance driving
  • Pregnant women experiencing swelling in legs and feet
  • Anyone prone to varicose veins.


Oedema is the swelling of tissues from fluid retention. It often occurs in the lower leg when blood stagnates in the superficial and/or deep veins and water and waste build-up in the skin induce a venous oedema (swelling of the foot, the ankle and at times higher up the leg).

Venous oedema can be caused by numerous things, including poor circulation, high sodium intake, pregnancy, burns, and a host of more serious health problems such as heart, liver or kidney failure. If swelling persists, contact your doctor.

Treatment for swelling can include elevating the legs above the heart to lower fluid pressure, and using graduated compression garments to supplement the veins’ ability to return blood from the lower legs to the rest of the body. The compression is strongest at the ankle, which helps push fluid out of the swollen and tender parts of the leg.

If you have oedema, ask your doctor about graduated compression garments to alleviate your tired and achy legs.

However, not all oedemas are of venous origin.

Compression garments for work


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