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When you travel you are often immobile for extended periods of time, which makes the legs stiff and inflexible.  Compression socks or stockings apply pressure on the veins, improving blood circulation back to the heart.

Long journeys (more than four hours) by plane, train, bus or car are thought to cause an increased risk of DVT. Blood flows more slowly and collects in the legs when they are hanging down. This risk is also of concern for people with healthy veins.

Blood flowing slowly is more likely to clot.

Venosan® Socks and Stockings are medically engineered with graduated compression of 17-20 mmHg at the ankle, which encourages venous return to the heart and reduces oedema at the ankle. Effects are most noticeable after long journeys.

The stockings force blood from tiny surface veins into the deep vein system. In this process, the vein walls are constricted assuring proper vein-valve closure, thus preventing back-flow pressure through the legs back to the heart.

Travel socks help alleviate health problems when travelling

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