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Pure Performance
Sport socks are the product of many decades of
experience and competence in the manufacture
of medical compression stockings together with a
patented and tested energy pressure point called the
Support Energy Point (S.E.P.). This means the specialist
expertise of the world market leader VENOSAN®
combined with S.E.P. is now available for sports.
The RESOXX® Socks combine their very latest sock
construction made of ultramodern high tech fibres, a
special knitting process, and a simple design, thereby
best meeting the needs of athletes.
RESOXX® have a degressive pressure gradient from
the ankle upwards that has been specially adapted for
sports. The blood circulation in the legs is accelerated
to provide optimum support for the calf pump. This is
ensured by a maximum pressure on the ankle (approx.
25 mmHg) which decreases by controlled reduction to
50% at the calf, thereby helping athletes break down
metabolic substances (e.g. lactate) more quickly and
the muscle fibres are supplied more rapidly with new
oxygen-enriched blood.
• Regenerative compression
• With silver ions, antibacterial
• Friction free movement
• «Red» energy pressure point (S.E.P.)

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