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Silverline Gentleman - Compression II 20-30 mmHg


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VENOSAN® Silverline
Everyday Comfort
SILVERLINE® offers long-lasting protection from foot
odour and athlete's foot. X-Static®, the silver fibre,
promotes hygiene and anti-microbial properties.
Skin remains deodourized and free of bacteria and
fungus — particularily effective in protecting against
foot odour and athlete's foot. Cool and dry in Summer
and warm in Winter, SILVERLINE® fibres wick
moisture away from the skin for comfort in warm
weather. X-Static®, the silver fibre, conducts heat in
Winter to retain warmth. The silver in X-Static® yarns is
an excellent conductor and eliminates static electricity.
• Enhanced comfort and fit with knitted top band
• Elimination of bacteria and fungus associated with
foot odour
• Excellent regulator of heat
Action of X-Static®
Silver ions
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